TSHA unleashes explosive remix of Juno Mamba’s ‘Blossom’

With single artwork depicting a raging fire, there is perhaps no surprise that the TSHA remix of Juno Mamba’s ‘Blossom’ is nothing short of explosive. Rife with jolting, staccato beats, TSHA’s touch is palpable. Deeply intricate and compelling, the shimmering influence of Four Tet on her style is resoundingly clear. 

Although the remix seems almost more subdued than the original track, not blazing quite as wildly, this works in its favour. ‘Blossom’ remains searing and strong, but takes on a more contemplative role, particularly as it dashes between high intensity beats and more laidback moments. 

A collaboration between Juno Mamba and TSHA makes perfect sense; the soundscape is both innovative and powerful. The pair reel you in, leaving you in the lurch, longing for a conclusion that might never come. Ending abruptly, the track suddenly shoots you out of the chaotic world that Juno Mamba and TSHA have carefully curated over the last five minutes. You’re left breathless in the throes of your own thoughts. Disorientating, yes, but incredible.

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