LOOR unveils kaleidoscopic debut album, Waters

Waters is the spectacular debut LP from LOOR, aka Gwil Sainsbury of alt-J fame. On Waters, LOOR blends heavy sonic soundscapes with experimental dance music to craft a collection of hedonistic and psychedelic tracks. Diving deep under the influence of DMT, this album is not afraid to push boundaries and transcend the meaning of modern electronica. 

Released on May 1st via AWAL, Waters is the first full-length project from LOOR, whose moniker comes from his Cornish upbringing, meaning the moon, praise, deity. All three words do justice to the kind of otherworldly artistry which is brought to the helm on Waters

About the album, Sainsbury commented: “I think I’m pretty influenced by a lot of psychedelic music, whether that’s electronic or whether that’s in jazz. I wanted to be independent, and able to produce what I wanted to produce by myself. And to me, it’s very much about a relationship to nature.”

A multi-layered project, Waters is a testament to the natural connections between mind, body, and soul, and is ultimately a philosophical comment on humanity’s relationship with its surroundings. Opening with ‘Float’, this song embodies the identity of Waters and sets a precedent for the atmospheric journey that LOOR will take us on. The LP smoothly and steadily tracks an ethereal experience into the depths of the artist’s mind, and back to the surface again. ‘Leigh Woods’ is a dark, ambient ode to the beauty of getting lost in the woods, planting Sainsbury’s feet firmly on Earth for this track. Other standouts include ‘Nightland’ and ‘Glass’, which evoke something more intangible, something which is more than meets the eye. The album ends with ‘Avon’, an eight-minute long reprieve which builds to a choral crescendo and ultimately brings a close to a truly transformative work.

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