DOV and Vaughan reflect on modern dating in ‘Reciprocate’

From the opening notes of DOV and Vaughan’s collaboration on ‘Reciprocate’, you can practically feel a drunken haze and flashing neon club lights engulfing you. A seductive slice of modern day R&B, the bassline may be gentle and unassuming under Vaughan’s sultry falsetto, yet is enough to set you on edge. Completely hypnotic. 

Emotionally unavailable has become something of a buzz word when it comes to dating in the 21st century. Time and time again, logging onto Twitter seems to confront you with another example of a fatality in it. Here, DOV seems to uncover the other side of emotional unavailability, a struggle that often goes unseen and unexplained. It is an important perspective, and DOV’s rendition of it verges on heart-wrenching. He weaves a tale of heartbreak with little to explain it, a battle with inner demons that the making of ‘Reciprocate’ seems to somewhat ease. 

Speaking of the track, DOV comments: “‘Reciprocate’ is about yearning to give everything to someone, although you struggle to feel anything yourself. It’s about wanting to give yourself to someone when you’re emotionally unavailable, so instead you cope with high nights and seedy one-night stands. It’s about breaking emotional attachment through sex and partying.”

A virtual collaboration between the two artists across the Atlantic, ‘Reciprocate’ is innovative and earnest, yet situated in a flashing nightlife that makes its introspectivity all the more haunting. With an EP on the horizon over summer, DOV is one to keep an eye on. Vaughan and DOV are arguably some of the most exciting LGBTQ+ artists of this moment – ‘Reciprocate’ is completely irresistible. 

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