Roza Terenzi crafts her own reality in Modern Bliss

Following globetrotting shows in Europe, Canada and, of course, her Australian stomping ground of Melbourne, it’s about time that Roza Terenzi released her first LP. While Terenzi has explored much of the world, this album Modern Bliss takes the listener on a journey through an alternate augmented reality filled with post-techno sophistication and decisive layering.

Terenzi adroitly morphs the reality of her human production into works of mechanical complexity as layers skip over each in eternally reproduced pathways. In its most pure incarnation, ‘Eternal Lust’ exhibits the complex power play between the being and the technological as the long breezy gasps of “stop” blow along the top of electronic synchronisms so complex that the human ear struggles to keep up. In contrast, the closing track ‘My Reality Cheque Bounced’ with DJ Zozi (Vancouver DJ and founder of label, Planet Euphorique, who released this LP), moves human conversation to the background behind the agency of electronic beats evolving in a groove inducing fashion.

From the album’s industrial inception in ‘Jungle in the City’, Terenzi expertly harnesses the energy of a club’s abnormal environment separate from the above ground reality of day-to-day life to connect the listener to a busy dancefloor, even if they are in solitude. Nowhere is this clearer than in the title track ‘Modern Bliss’, whose mantra of “clarity, intention, [and] direction” (manifested by Barcelona’s Ivy Barkakati) moves an individual to internal reflection while still hijacking their body with a need to move. 

As lockdown drags on and the reality of what we thought was normal life continues to be under question, Terenzi brings us a non-reality to submerge ourselves in: one full of mysterious techno jungles, deep electrical interchanges and machines masking Terenzi’s talent.

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