Nils Hoffmann releases his remix of Niklas Paschburg’s ‘If’

The opening rush of piano on Niklas Paschburg’s 2019 release ‘If’ is gorgeous of its own accord. But almost a year later comes the release of Nils Hoffmann’s remix of the track and it’s even more breathtaking than the original.

‘If’ opens with an ambience that feels almost like the pitter-patter of steady, heavy rain, setting you up for a track that seems like it’s going to be comforting. Hoffmann quickly blows that idea out the window. The remix is far more ambitious than that; cranking up the tension till it reaches almost unbearable levels of chills.

The track’s atmospheric beats and soaring piano leaves you tingling. Of course impressive on their own, the combination of Paschburg and Hoffmann is utterly incredible. ‘If’ provides a level of immersion like no other, extending an invite that encourages a totally shivers-down-your-spine electricity.

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