30/70’s remixed EP encompasses the beauty of Fluid Motion

30/70 are a Melbourne collective producing a diverse and eclectic mix of Neo-Soul, Hip Hop and R&B inspired tunes that soothe the soul; a service naturally in great demand of late. Since the release of their debut project Cold Radish Coma back in 2015 the group have gone from strength to strength. Their new EP ‘Fluid Motion Remixed’, a sensual, dancefloor inspired effort, is a welcome continuation of this trend.

‘N.Y.P. (SAUL Remix)’ is an intriguing and confident opening to the project; 30/70 are clearly never needlessly hurried. The track kicks into life before moving along languorously with vocals naturally suspended atop seamless breaks. The enigmatic vocal refrain “never get your pain” is repeated throughout. Immediately precipitated by a sensual outtake of breath, ‘Tempted (Athlete Whippet Remix)’ is a more frenetic track, again featuring the repetition of few lustful lyrical refrains. ‘Impermanence (Close Counters Remix)’ appears to be somewhat of a stylistic anomaly for the project with a comparably abrasive, staccato style. However, the track still remains undergirded by a consistently groovy and infectious beat as the lyrics present a loose narrative seemingly centred around the typical ups and downs of a turbulent romance: “It would be different if we weren’t so caught up always… love isn’t permanent”. 

Penultimate track, ‘Fluid Motion (Setwun Remix)’ begins as a slightly discordant composite of sounds, though the sounds quickly mesh and very satisfyingly undergird the slightly more abrasive lyrics, delivered in the style of spoken word. The EP’s final track ‘Tempted (Maxwell’s blind Faith)’ is a perfect closing track for the project. A quicker pace than most of the other tracks on the EP but not at all disconcerting, the track creates a feeling similar to the kind of tranquillity that I associate with deep sea diving (despite having never dived myself). 

Only five years in to their collaborative project of 30/70, producers Ziggy Z, Hazy Hicks, Chaser and Thhomas and vocalist Allysha Joy clearly have a bright future ahead of them.

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