Leeds Four-Piece Noya Rao Release Mesmerising EP ‘Stay’

Following on from Icaros in 2017, Leeds-based electronic-soul quartet Noya Rao have released new EP ‘Stay’, which sees hazy synths, suave basslines and blissfully enthralling soundscapes collide to form a dazzling, crisply produced masterpiece. 

Introducing the EP is ‘Pina’, with its bold impactful bassline and beautifully layered vocal harmonies. Doused in spacious effects, lead singer Liv’s vocal prowess really sets the tone for the EP, especially when intertwined with extravagant mind-bending synths. The ways in which synths in particular are used throughout the EP are a real triumph, and paired with immaculate production from start to finish, this EP is a real sonic voyage to get stuck into.

Following up perfectly is ‘Heaven Bound’, which begins with a warbling rise of psychedelic synths. With an abrupt stillness, the track retreats into a minimal bass and percussion arrangement that slowly builds into an expansive epic, the words ‘I wanna be heaven bound with you’ echoing between well-placed synth stabs. Like ‘Pina’, ‘Heaven Bound’ maintains an electronic emphasis in its synths and production style.

The next track, ‘Red’, offers a slightly different sound to the electronic feel generated by the first two tracks. ‘Red’ trades in processed bass for a more authentic live feel in both bass and drums, crafting a smooth and steady groove. Then, straight back into the electronic, is penultimate title track ‘Stay’, which instantly steers us into a dark and dreamy realm in which growling bass and soft meditative vocals take turns in the spotlight. Signing off is ‘People’, a mesmerising, lo-fi hip hop-esque track that provides the perfect conclusion to the EP with mystical, unpredictable keys, and tight unassuming drum rhythms. 

It’s a brilliant release, perfect for late night pondering. Noya Rao’s distinctive style is limitlessly enjoyable, and a real asset to the Leeds scene.

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