Dokkodo Sounds dips into a pool of peace with ‘Forest Baths’

Tranquil and ethereal, Dokkodo Sounds’ latest release is a shimmering pool of ambience entirely harmonious with its title. ‘Forest Baths’ was released last month as part of ambient compilation First Wave (Inner Ocean Records), and is the first of several new tracks the Leeds-based producer is set to release this autumn.

‘Forest Baths’ commences with a trickle of delicate notes before evolving into an enchanting chamber of sound. Tentative melodies sidle in, shifting and twinkling amid the song’s manifold layers in a way which makes this carefully-crafted electronic soundscape feel remarkably natural. 

Midway through, the track takes a subdued turn; it becomes distant, as if you were listening from underwater, submerged in a ‘forest bath’ or lost under a spell of introspection. Contemplation complete, Dokkodo Sounds’ scintillating instrumentals arise again, reaching a musical crest as they are this time strengthened by hazy percussion. 

As the track hits the five-minute mark, its intertwined sounds begin to unravel and dwindle, until only the trickling notes from the start remain. ‘Forest Baths’ fades out, leaving in its wake an aura of peace. A beautiful track which emanates a profound calm.

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Image courtesy of Delayed Pleasure.