Music, Art, and Social Change: Max Cooper’s ‘Imagine For 1 Minute’

1 minute. 60 seconds. Quite an insignificant measurement in the grand scheme of things. But what if your entire worldview could be altered within just this small increment of time? 

That was Max Cooper’s idea when getting involved with Gripping Films’ new project. Developed with the help of the insanely talented artists Kevin and Páraic McGloughlin, ‘Imagine For 1 Minute’ is a hypnotic short film with a sonic landscape and visual imagery that highlights the need for immediate action against climate change.

As a multi-faceted electronic producer, Cooper engineered the sound design which accompanies the minute-long video. Alongside a binaural mix of the narrators for “maximum chatting into ear intensity”, Cooper has added sync effects and an edit of his track ‘Reflect’ to score what is a truly impactful message. 

The concept of ‘Imagine For 1 Minute’ is centered around the pervasive demand for climate justice. A sequence of fast-paced frames has been expertly stitched together by the filmmaker brothers to showcase the faces of famous figures, activists, and everyday people who all understand the importance of fighting climate change. Amidst this is environmental imagery – of blooming and dying trees, of animals who face extinction, and of tragic natural disasters that are occurring at an alarming rate. 

The main takeaway from the project is one simple question – what future do you want? After all, this is what it boils down to. Can we come together to fight for a better future for our generation and the next, or do we continue down the path to Earth’s destruction?

Climate change isn’t a new phenomenon, though it has become a much more prevalent issue in recent years. Championed by individuals like Greta Thunberg and David Attenbrough, and eco-activist alliances such as Extinction Rebellion, the movement has taken shape in the public eye by words and action alone. 

What’s more, art and music is often pivotal in raising awareness of such important social issues. This project reinforces that – the video opens with the sentence “this could be the most important minute of your day”, and for those who stumble across it, it most likely will be. By bringing together poignant narration, striking imagery and a soaring soundtrack, the issue is framed in a way that evokes emotion and responsibility with the viewer.

Max Cooper is one man, one artist, with a vision to change the world with his creativity. Imagine if everybody had the same vision. Imagine… for just 1 minute.