Sweet Sunday Sounds #1

For some of us, these past few months have become ever so slightly indistinguishable from the slow pace of an Autumnal Sunday morning. However, to readorn your weekend with some compulsory calm, we’ve collated five tracks to take you by the hand and prepare you for the new week ahead. 

Captive // Simeon Walker

Sunday is a day for gently opening your eyes way after the sun is up, slowly descending your padded staircase and pouring a leisurely brew whilst still swaddled in your dressing gown. ‘Captive’, a track from Walker’s upcoming album, sets the perfect pace for every step. The gentle melodic piano prises you out of bed, whilst the light yet fervent keys are imbued with an energy that makes the day feel full of possibility. The gradual addition of strings and subtle percussion transforms into a cacophony of sound once the caffeine hits, but regresses to a delicate arrangement just as you decide to crawl back beneath the duvet. Nevertheless, this track revives itself ever so gradually and eases you into doing the same, no rush or regiment, just an invitation to find idle beauty in the monotony of the now.

Taidana // lōland

‘Taidana’ embodies the sweet and smooth twists of the week in a neatly wrapped three minute track. The gorgeous keys, guitars and layered beats; a soundtrack for you to reminisce on the past six days and prepare for those on your horizon. Whether you’re meandering around your local market or leisurely strolling through the local park, the crisp percussion of autumn leaves can only embellish this beautifully versatile composition. We can only recommend that you sneak it into all of your playlists without hesitation so every day can have a shimmer of that Sunday glow.

The Storm Will Pass // Henning Fuchs 

The sun has set before your roast is even out of the oven and the melancholic climate has kept you cooped indoors all day. We know how you feel, but sometimes Sundays are for sinking into your couch as you cradle a cuppa by the fire, primed and ready to accept that ‘The Storm Will Pass’. When the track begins, you’re unsure if it’s the melodic crackle of the logs in your fireplace or the percussive hum of rain tapping on your windows. However, as Henning marries symphonic strings with playful piano, you’re overcome by the ambient emotive landscape he’s captured and suddenly you’re no longer stuck inside but swept away into his sonic storm, unable to stop listening as your dinner turns to dust. 

Ride along // Pueblo Vista, Chainwax

It’s time to finally finish that book you told your friends you read two months ago, but the silence is far too distracting. Fear not, clamber under the covers and watch the steam from your coffee dance through the air to the sweet sounds of ‘Ride along’, cascading skyward in time with the sweet piano melody and the sanctimonious strings. The best part is that you won’t have to surrender the sheets to get up and change the track. Just put this hidden gem on repeat and lay back as it loops perfectly to soundtrack the lull of Sunday afternoon. 

aoi // lōland, Phlocalyst 

Maybe you are the exception, an energetic go getter, and a lazy Sunday just isn’t your bag. Well, if you need an extra spring in your step look then no further than ‘aoi’, a sonic secret weapon that has packed in everything your day could possibly need. The brassy bravado of trumpet dances over the simple bass beat foundation, with intermittent vocals marrying the atmospheric nature of an orchestral sound with a more modern lo-fi feeling, ultimately sculpting the perfect pace setter for you to tackle your to-do list.