Godford finds sanctuary in debut album, Non Binary Place

Let all who listen define this album for its art rather than the preconceived notions of a name. That is the gospel of Godford, the pseudonymed dance music producer who has found freedom in anonymity from their past.

Finding a home for their romantic alter ego in a place undefined, Non Binary Place is an echo chamber for tender sentiments shouted into the thick embrace of a rave. Evolving throughout its 11 tracks, the album starts voiceless, manifesting an ecosystem with the opener ‘Blue’ wherein throbbing orchestral clouds of synth conjure percussive storms and bright, melodic lightning bolts.
Sirening the humanity of the album, ‘Downtown’ speaks its first delicate words. Slowly calling lovers downtown in a silky soliloquy reminiscent of a Broadway musical, ‘Downtown’ allows the consequent tracks to pass in this location henceforth. Godford creates a room for which ‘Fear’ can heal itself under the pressure of heady hi-hats before ‘Saw You’ buzzes in hyperactive euphoria between your eardrums. 

The poetic embrace of the warehouse community this album is born out of is then stripped back in ‘Promote the Rave’ – a heavenly take on the euphoria of twilight dancing. Yet it’s not long before the deep bass and bouncing energy of the rave returns as it spreads its wings in the final, and title track, ‘No Binary Place’. A song which unites its percussion powered by the heartbeat of a hummingbird with brain-melting production. A celebration of all that has come before and all that may follow.

In our current disconnect from live music, it’s easy to forget the emotional patchwork of its spaces. The collective joy, heart-pounding lust and, following it all, the ringing desperation calling you back. This all is captured here within Godford’s complex network of texture and melody. Godford proves that despite its rough demeanour, a rave is truly a romantic place to be.