Charles Webster is back after two decades to cast a spell this Halloween

Electronic producer Charles Webster is back after his first major solo album in two decades with a three-track single entitled ‘The Spell’, featuring vocals from Ingrid Chavez. An audiovisual artist in her own right, Chavez has previously collaborated with artists such as Madonna and Prince.

Instantly, the listener is drawn into Burial’s remix of the track and you can feel his influence throughout; a whole host of mysterious, dark and underground sounds that serve to envelop you under a spell for the entire eight minutes. Fitting for Halloween, the vinyl crackles eerily throughout the track. The shifts in sound and style keep you constantly engaged and unsure of what to expect next, almost as if Burial himself is playing a trick on you. Chavez’s lyrics are sparse yet powerful, allowing your mind to succumb wholeheartedly to the minimalistic sounds and sensations created by Burial and Webster. 

Charles Webster’s ten track album Decision Time is out on 20th November with Dimension Records. Decision Time embraces an array of artists, with Burial featuring again as co-producer on ‘The Second Spell’. It’s an exciting time for a new generation to fall under Charles Webster’s influential spell and be drawn to his distinctive sounds.