Essential Listening: Sieren

Berlin-based Sieren is making waves as he meshes together an array of different genres. Taking his alias from his mother’s maiden name, the producer is a master of experimental soundscapes, releasing a slew of similarly calming, invigorating EP’s and albums over the last decade. His latest, ‘Crystal Runway (Archives II)’, is a rousing combination of haunting club tracks and distorted, introspective numbers that flow together seamlessly. Here’s a breakdown of Sieren’s best releases from recent years:

Haunting (2020)

The second track from his latest EP, ‘Haunting’ is Sieren at his best. With an atmospheric, evocative opening, ‘Haunting’ gently pulls you by the hand into the midst of its shuffling chaos. ‘Haunting’ will quite literally haunt you in a sense – casting a spell over you with lulling beats that won’t let you stop moving until its end. This, combined with Sieren’s signature delicious synths places you in the land of something expansive and immense; a reoccurring theme for the artist.

In Limbo (2018)

A slice of his earlier EP ‘Fading Memory’, ‘In Limbo’ is an exercise in brutally precise percussion that almost feels like an affront. ‘In Limbo’ is the creation of someone firmly centred on their vision, with an impressive viciousness. Sieren is at his most powerful on ‘In Limbo’, demonstrating a bite that is oft lacking from his more club-ready tracks.

Two Faces (2018)

A more mellow offering, ‘Two Faces’ is dark and borderline tormented. With a smattering of ghostlike vocals that seem just out of reach, there is a detached quality to the track that is unsettling. Sieren’s combination of swirling beats and standoffish percussion is dizzying on ‘Two Faces’, his perhaps most emotionally arresting yet.

Lies (2020)

The tracks from Sieren’s most recent EP are more steeped in ambition than his previous works. ‘Lies’ is no exception. With a simplistic drumbeat and twinkling layers of instrumental, the track would not be out of place in a movie soundtrack. Think big city, skyscrapers peering down as you move along, the rest of the world falling to silence in the presence of the track. It seems that ‘Lies’ is the epitome of this newfound sense of hope for Sieren, situating itself on the precipice of something incredibly big. 

Crystal Runaway (2020)

Perhaps Sieren’s most club-ready release, ‘Crystal Runway’ is complete arms to the sky goodness. Four minutes of limitless, inhibition free dancing is on offer with this track, mixing futuristic distortion and classic beats to create a swelling rendition of freedom. A summer must-have, ‘Crystal Runway’ proves the versatility of Sieren’s releases. Whilst ‘Lies’ shows a hope and ambition most clearly, ‘Crystal Runway’ seems to shake off the shackles and limits of dreaming big, encouraging you to dance forth as you deem fit. 

Broken Arrow (2020)

The latest release from Sieren is the musing, stirring ‘Broken Arrow’. A heavy dose of percussion and swirling synth beats lends the track a dark quality – it is unsettling and deeply thought-provoking. There’s atmospheric beats, and then there is ‘Broken Arrow’, a track which is completely transformative. Sieren is an absolute master of world-making through music, and ‘Broken Arrow’ epitomises this. Shrouded in cryptic shadow, ‘Broken Arrow’ unnerves you precisely because of its otherworldliness.