Effy awakens with ‘Bodied’

‘Bodied’ is 2020’s breakthrough artist Effy’s fourth release of the year, bringing in mesmerising techno to brighten up the last month left of this year. 25 year old Effy has cemented herself as one of the UK’s most exciting new producers and DJs. Her exquisite house and high hitting techno shows that she’s a force to be reckoned with. 

This concept track is an ode to female sexual empowerment, something Effy is strongly passionate about. Lancashire born Effy describes ‘Bodied’ as “a lot harder than my other tunes, which is where I’m going with my sound”. Boasting an impressive production with a deep, fast, BPM and repetitive, intense sound, Effy lifts your thoughts to the subject of female empowerment. This liberating and sensual track stems from a personal realisation of no longer conforming to society’s expectations. The boundaries are there to be broken and Effy does just that. 

Artwork by Meaghan Matthews for ‘Bodied’

The artwork for ‘Bodied’ was created by Meaghan Matthews, an artist long admired by Effy. Matthews creates her work with ink and water, using this medium to question the unpredictability of our actions on the world. The sheer detail and the many different colours in her work represents the profound depth, layers, and frankly beauty of women. We females are so much more than just a sex object. We seem to have reached a point where it is now more acceptable to talk loudly and openly about enjoying sex, just as men have done for so many years. We are no longer playing up to male perceptions of female sexualities. ‘Bodied’ conveys a sense of this newfound sexual freedom and awakening through hypnotic beats and infectious synth-lines. Speaking about the electronic music industry, which is heavily dominated by men, Effy talks about how her female friends in this space empower her because they all support each other. An important message that would do well to span across to other spaces in society.

Turning to her other projects, Effy has self released tracks such as ‘Ara’ and ‘Fluffy Clouds’, both of which have been supported by BBC Radio 1 and picked up by BBC Introducing Dance. Pete Tong has dubbed her as a ‘rising star’ and with a monthly Rinse FM residence, she has also been the cover photo for several Spotify playlists.

This is only just the beginning for Effy.

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