Sweet Sunday Sounds #2

With the end of the year drawing to a close, the nights becoming longer, and days spent inside, this time of year can be especially gloomy even without the events of this year. However, even if you’ve lost track of the days, here are some tracks that will inject your playlist with the sweet charm of a Sunday afternoon.

Hania Rani – Esja

Ease into your Sunday with soothing, serene piano that gently coaxes you out of bed. With its peaceful melodies adorning your morning, the title track from Hania Rani’s 2019 album, Esja, will calm a whirling mind as you revive yourself with a fresh cuppa. The arrangement is minimal, drawing you in and urges you to relax and unwind. The delicate, beautiful piano melodies will brighten any morning, even if the rain continues to fall.

Hiroshi Yoshimura – CREEK

So it’s finally time to head out to get some fresh air after being cooped up, but the idea of walking in silence is too mind numbing. You need a track that will make the world around you awaken and draw your mind into a place where you’re unaware of the passing time. Yoshimura’s ‘CREEK’ is a bubbly, uplifting electronic track that flows and weaves in repetitive patterns. It doesn’t demand your attention, only adds to the colours around you and before you know it, you’ve forgotten the week and are only focused on the world around you.

Cellomano – Sunrise

When silence is too loud, the soothing cello of Cellomano’s ‘Sunrise’ will soundtrack against the rain outside, the tap of computer keys, the click of knitting needles or the scrape of pen on paper. The gorgeous rise and falls of the strings will guide you through the afternoon, helping to both focus and relax you. 

Not Yourself – Strawberry

It’s finally time to cook the roast dinner – or partake in some adventurous baking – and this chill, lo-fi track will be the perfect accompaniment. Taken from Not Yourself’s newest album, Sessions, Vol.2, ‘Strawberry’ is short and sweet. With a faint vinyl crackle, light vocal sample and gentle, funky beat, it’s perfect for playing in the background whilst completing any task.

Mrs Evergreen – light roast

It’s drawing to the end of Sunday. Whether you’ve just realised something you need to do for Monday, or are finishing off any odd jobs before the week ends, beat the stress by throwing on Mrs. Evergreen’s laid-back ‘light roast’. Taken from her most recent album Jazzfi, ‘light roast’ has a groovy beat, light vocal samples and horns that scream late summer festival. It’ll definitely brighten the darkening day and uplift you for the coming week. 

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