One to Watch: Eris Drew

Within the vast world of electronic music, there’s a common belief that music is science. Beats whose emotive formula can be dissected. A sterile approach, which while creating intriguing ear worms, thus removes music’s innate humane euphoria. This is something which Eris Drew’s music has in abundance. Free from inhibitions, it exists purely to revitalise the mind, body and spirit. 

For this Chicago bred artist, music is a sound bath of her own making, constantly reverberating the raver’s mantra of peace, love, unity and respect. It’s fuelled by the Motherbeat – that divine feminine energy which guides a wandering soul. 

Discovered, or more realised, upon being driven home from Chicago’s Oak Street Theatre back in 1994, Eris’ worship of this indescribable beat has allowed her to heal the wounds of past trauma and reimagine the world (and the music which is contained within it). Touching her then closeted trans-ness, music provided her with the power to understand herself on a deeper level.

“In time her natural magnetism to music compounded with her spiritual philosophy…”

Long before her spiritual awakening, Eris already had a love for the electronic. From a fascination with the bass contained within her grandmother’s piano to learning how to use her first programmable synth at the age of 10, music was already running through her veins in childhood. 

In time her natural magnetism to music compounded with her spiritual philosophy, transforming the dark rooms of Chicago’s iconic DIY scene into places of worship. Controlled by Eris’ sermon on the decks, she speaks through her music. Euphorically restless to get her point across, the psychedelic communal energy of her sets are all that’s needed to lose yourself, or find yourself anew. 

A seasoned artist, her skills have been refined over more than two decades spent in clubs making music. Yet, it is only in the last couple of years that she is finally getting her time in the limelight, becoming one of the most exciting artists of recent years to have broken out of the USA and onto the global stage.

It was in 2017 when everything changed for Eris. This was the year when she both came out as trans and transitioned from just a dozen to over two-hundred shows a year. Through opening her true self up to the world, Eris found herself falling deeper into the power and spiritual presence of rave. Fusing herself to the unbound love found within rapturous beats in a new way. 

At this point, not much has been said about her music itself here, only the elements of such which live within its electronic bones. With an eclectic record collection and an ability to produce the most seamless of mixes, it is no wonder that she has finally found her time in the spotlight. 

Signed to both Transmissions and Naive, to date she has released two EP’s and a single. The most recognisable of which, ‘Trans Love Vibration (Eris Goes to Church)’ is a cacophony of relaxing slow synths and ethereal vocals which siren you to bask in its effervescence.

Recently she has reached a whole nation of mostly new listeners through a residency at Radio 1 for the 2020 Spring Summer season with her partner Octa Octa and a fabric mixtape. By now the UK should know both their names as creators of the highest calibre of electronic. Together they also run the label, T4T LUV NRG, a space for alchemical mixtapes and creative beats.

Self-knighted as the High Priestess of the Motherbeat, Eris Drew demands you to lose yourself in the worship of her uplifting mixes which will help you relinquish the woes of the world.

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