Berlin veteran Anja Schneider: First EP of 2021

When German DJ and producer Anja Schneider released her 2017 album SoMe, she embarked upon a new chapter in her creative career. As a veteran of Berlin, a label boss, and a mentor to many, she had spent years growing the powerful underground brand of mobilee records. However, by releasing SoMe on her new label ‘Sous’ (a take on “So Us”), she started on a path towards building a more intimate project. As a prominent radio DJ and “tastemaker”, she has charted the path for electronic listening for many in the 21st century. This will no doubt continue as she brings other promising artists on board with her new label. Since SoMe, Anja has released a steady string of singles and EPs. ‘Turning My Head’ was her first for the new year, and features two classy but driving house tunes that are definitely worth checking out.

Throughout her career, Anja has dabbled in many flavours of electronic production. You might find her taking inspiration from skippy breakbeats or dark and minimal techno, but the core drums and percussion of this EP seem to be based around a timeless swung house feel. That said, the first track ‘Turning My Head’ clearly draws from the world of techno with its simple yet evocative bass that helps you get lost in the spacey nature of the beat. The wandering synths add to this feeling, whilst you’re pulled along by the almost entrancing vocals and breathy samples.

‘Strange Case’ starts strong with a rolling sub and soulful vocal sample that feels quite nostalgic. You’d be excused for expecting a tried and tested groovy house formula at this point, but of course you’re taken on a journey which teases you with a variety of influences. From the techy synths and dark melodies, to the organic sounding rhythm of the hi hats, there are lots of details to pick apart in this tune. As a release, ‘Turning My Head’ provides a duo of deeply satisfying and engrossing tracks. Now I’m just hoping for a new album.

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