Take a journey into the electronic undergrowth with Sweatson Klank

Formerly known as TAKE, Sweatson Klank traps the Earth’s breeze within the collection’s six tracks. Ethereal and real, each song brings you to a point of peace through its balanced rays of bird song, synthesisers and mystical tape loops. Creating an auditory universe both made of and yet completely separate to the world you inhabit day to day.

Absentmindedly navigating you to a place of safety, ‘Path of an Empath’ invites you to float within its ambient waves of sound. Living within your subconscious for eternity, each note rises like smoke from a stick of incense; soaring high and infecting your senses, replacing negative energy with only the most serene. 

Leaning into the archives of minimalism, Klank revitalises the spirit of Hiroshi Yoshimura. Changing and adapting the spacious works which came before him. Progressing the art of ambient production to a new realm.

Every track within this EP fits together perfectly. Flowing like a river meandering through subtly different landscapes before dissipating into an ocean of silence. And yet, one track still manages to stand out. In this world where we are confined to merely a house or a room, ‘Sitting by the Lake in Zurich’ is pure escapism. Klank takes you to the ocean sampled within the track. Allowing its waves to wash over you in safety as its bubbling synth fills your lungs with oxygen. 

As a pioneer of progressive electronic, Sweatson Klank has come far from his 2013 debut album under this musical pseudonym, You, Me Temporary. Its signature bumpy beats have now been replaced by the effortlessly smooth, and its electricity has now been harnessed for the power of tranquility. A change which has blossomed within this much needed EP made to soothe those yearning to return to nature.

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