One to Watch: Effy

Maybe one day a One to Watch will start without reference to a pandemic, but unfortunately, this time is yet to come. Undoubtedly the past year has been hard on artists, especially those who reside in the underground, late-night sphere of electronic. Yet, while this narrative is true for many, some have thrived through the adversity. Growing from the pressure of a world trying to tear them down. This is the case for London-based producer and DJ, Effy.

Finding her voice in a time when no one could listen, or at least physically shout a response in an enclosed space, this 25 year old has brought acid, house and techno back to people in lockdown. Transporting listeners to different galaxies in long-form tracks stitched together through the thread of reverberating beats and hypnotic synths.

For an artist who has opened for the likes of Helena Hauff, Maya Jane Coles and Martyn this outcome almost seems inevitable. Yet it was only in the months before the first lockdown that Effy really started to take off into another stratosphere, landing a residency at E1 (a club notorious for hosting only the best up-and-coming DJs) and a monthly show on Rinse FM that carries on to this day.

In another world the time might not have been right, and to an extent maybe her progression would have been more if she didn’t have to deal with the financial pressures which come hand in hand with being an independent artist who left a full-time job just weeks before the pandemic truly hit. However, we can be thankful that this period graced us with Effy’s first and only releases. Unshakeable tracks that left her ricocheting through a global music scene far beyond the constraints of London. 

Aside from her many infiltrations into some of the most coveted electronic playlists on Spotify (appearing on everything from The Loft to Altar), each of her isolated singles and remixes show an artist moving from strength to strength. 

“‘Bodied’ is a sensual worship of the self. Empowering all who listen to move along with its giddying melodic beats and synths”

Often brushing the six-minute mark, each track inscribes the airwaves with her emotional state. Moving like the words in a journal. Tracking her growth from states of abounding emotion to an aggressive lust for the culture of the rave which pulsates through her very being, her emotions entangle with deep oceans of inspiration. Effy takes elements from genres previously unexplored, as noted in an interview with Mixmag back in January.

For Effy her music is personal. The latest of her intergalactic singles, ‘Bodied’, is a sensual worship of the self. Empowering all who listen to move along with its giddying melodic beats and synths. 

Moving into the realm of remixes, her latest re-work of Franc Moody’s previously indescribably indie track, ‘Grin and Bear It’, sees her effortlessly remake the song. Exploding its soul wide open and formulating a new entity that is both industrial and vast, Effy transforms a close textured track into a warehouse full of echoing unanswered questions. A simple track becomes liquid gold.

Thriving through an ethos of collaboration in both recorded and live, this past month has seen Effy take the stage again alongside some of the women who inspire her the most – Heléna Star, Nite Fleit and TSHA.

Located in a dystopian 800-tonne sand dredger in the Thames for a visual manifestation of her latest project, ‘A Slice of Reality’ was a show streamed to those living in the reality of isolation. Playing off the augmented, often extraterrestrial themes which are ever-present in Effy’s galaxy of work, it makes you question what truly is possible within this reality under a soft red hue. 

Time will only tell when the world will get back to normal, but until then, we’ll be here. Counting down to the days till we can sweat out our sins in live worship of Effy’s music.

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