Sweet Sunday Sounds #3

As the smell of spring starts to waft through the air and the sound of birds envelop the air with a kind of serenity, we’ve put together some tracks to accompany a smooth, slow Sunday that marks the end of the month. Listen along to chill out and enjoy a carefree Sunday as we start to emerge from the depths of winter.

Elori Saxl – Before Blue

As you begin your Sunday slowly waking up from that long lie in, Elori Saxl’s ‘Before Blue’ is the perfect accompaniment to wake up to. The gentle, moody introduction leaves anticipation as you slowly stumble over to open your blinds to see rain or shine. This track is the opening song from Saxl’s new album The Blue of Distance, marking the beginning of a new day with its serene and peaceful tones.

Lena Natalia – New Day Dawning

The next step is naturally to recreate that ultimate Sunday brunch at home. Plug in your speakers and tune into the piano melodies of ‘New Day Dawning’ by Lena Natalia. As the day is dawning, the stunning modern piano solo creates a relaxed, but organised atmosphere, just what you need when juggling all the different components that come with creating the ultimate brunch. The tranquil piano melodies are very comforting especially if you have a sore head from the night before!

Ceeys – Hiddensee

As the clock strikes 12pm, it’s time to grab your coat and get outside. Your daily walk is accompanied by a soothing instrumental track from Ceeys, ‘Hiddensee’. This modern but classical album title track is written by two German brothers who have a self-described “cubist” style. The minimalist single notes on the keys are beautiful, the lack of rhythm replicating a lack of direction as you amble through the trees and fields, with no expectation and destination, just simply open-minded curiosity. The single cello plucks create a peaceful but somber atmosphere and the slow composition encourages you to slow down, take in your surroundings and clear your head for the week ahead.

Grandbrothers – What We See

The Sunday lull has begun and as you try and fight off that afternoon nap, Grandbrothers ‘What We See’ perks you up with its progressive beats. A nudge to tidy up and finish that never ending to-do list. The repetitive sequencer gives off a rushed and hectic feeling, jolting you into mental preparation for the upcoming week as you realise that sadly the weekend is coming to an end. 

.Sinh, Cantsleep, Massaman – So Far Away

‘So Far Away’ was released this year – a fitting accompaniment to lockdown 3.0. The lo-fi beats and drums provide a mellow tone appropriate for your Sunday evening chill, in the bath with a facemask, a lit candle and a cuppa. Although the apt track title makes the next weekend feel ‘so far away’, the layers of melody allow you to unwind and allow that dreaded Sunday night feeling to dissipate. Bringing in a sense of calm to prepare for the week ahead and that one step closer to some kind of normality.

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