One to Watch: Cassy

As an artist who in part shares a name with a Casio watch, it should come as no surprise that Cassy’s music can stop time from ticking. Suspending you in disbelief among beats that lie on the fringe between fuzzy and industrial. 

A troubadour of the electronic, Cassy (who also goes by the name of Catherine Britton) moves in her own way. Traversing the world in the pursuit of both musical and personal growth, hardening her musical bones, nurturing her natural talents.

Born in England but raised in Austria, her Austrian mother and Barbadian father’s countryside inn was her intersection between life and music. Every musician who took to the Austrian jazz festivals distilling new sounds and ideas to her young mind.

With an upbringing in the world of jazz, her contagious energy soon found its way into the electronic sphere. It was the underground world of clubs that etched new ideas of what beats could be onto the musical mannerisms which had been growing since her induction with music school at the age of 5. Yet it was only at the age of 28 that she started spinning decks for herself. Convinced by friends and DJs (most notably Electric Indigo), she started playing to fuel her desire to travel. And like all the best of things, it naturally spiralled from there.

“Cassy is the powerhouse who has continually traded in comfort for a dynamic uprooting of sound”

Finally deciding to dive headfirst into techno, she has become one of the keenest ears of her generation. Known for her meticulous selection of tracks which move an audience through the states of collective euphoria, she has thrived not just as a producer behind the decks but also as a singer and a label owner (Kwench Records, founded in 2017). 

Moving from the underground to a slightly commercial existence, Cassy is the powerhouse who has continually traded in comfort for a dynamic uprooting of sound.

Living in Geneva, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam (to name a few), her energy has carved up cities in a wash of beats. Leaving only a trail of musical breadcrumbs which can be traced back to the myriad of the clubs which have attempted to contain Cassy’s techno vibrations within their four walls. 

With residences in some of the most notorious clubs in the world, from Panorama Bar to Rex Club and Output, it was in the electronic stomping ground of Berlin that she really started to indent herself within the recorded world.

Moving through the city’s extensive number of studios with artists like Matthew Jonson and Luciano before finally being put at the helm of Panorama Bar’s first mix back in 2006. 

It wasn’t too long after this that Cassy also found herself being inducted into the Fabric discography of fame with a 2013 mix entitled Fabric 71. A compression of a 5-hour set packed with tracks she adores, Cassy panders only to the sounds which set her soul alive rather than a crowd’s.

“A 12 track masterpiece built from growing beats that photosynthesise under its sweet nectar of repetition to entrap your senses”

Finally claiming the limelight for herself, it was only in 2016 that Cassy released her explosive debut solo LP, Donna. Breaking onto a global waterfront of euphoric electronic which deserves not to be hidden behind a name of a club to gain recognition, the album is a 12 track masterpiece built from growing beats that photosynthesise under its sweet nectar of repetition to entrap your senses.

Rich and diverse in its landscape, the album moves from its opening vocal-led tracks to precise manipulations of electronic energy.

Since lockdown, Cassy has not slowed down. Instead, she continues to weave deep, minimal expressions of sound together with euphoric soundbites which worm their way into your soul. Most recently, she has provided all who listen with the freedom to move within the unusually static world in an unbearably short ‘Strong Sense’ EP. 

With all that said, it almost seems odd to name someone with already such notoriety as an artist to watch. However, with the world of electronic music opening up in just a manner of months, Cassy is an artist who will only be going from strength to strength as she returns to the road she knows all too well.

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